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Vital pulp conditions

Many harmful elements separately or in combination, can cause adverse reactions in the pulp of the tooth in a clinical setting. If not properly, they can cause:
  • hurt pulpitis;
  • pulp necrosis (pulp necrosis);
  • root canal infection leading to periapical inflammatory lesions (apical periodontitis).
These effects are a consequence of inflammation and associated tissue destruction. Destruction of tissue per se is the main sign of inflammation in General, and is the means by which the host is effective protection against foreign substances, including bacteria and bacterial elements. However, as the flesh is concerned, it can be devastating and cause a complete collapse of the tissues.

Infection and inflammation of the periapical tissues often follow such events, is called pulp necrosis. Vital pulp therapy includes clinical procedures aimed at:

  • relieving painful symptoms of pulpitis;
  • prevention of destructive course inflammation of the pulp of the tooth and further infection root canal space.

Pain symptoms are usually associated with the pulp of a tooth inflammatory lesion

Hypersensitivity be caused by exposure to cold drinks, food and air or touching an open surface of dentin may be early signs of inflammation of the pulp of the tooth.
These symptoms are usually not suggestive of advanced lesion. In the context of the recently restorative or periodontal treatment, these symptoms may appear soon after the procedure, but often decrease together with tissue repair. Short, intermittent periods expectation of pain (seconds to minutes) influence of cold drinks, food and air, may be signs of tooth pulp inflammatory lesion in progress. However, these symptoms may prevail for a long time (months, years), resulting in no pulp necrosis.

Long-term (hours), severe pain, spontaneous or periodically provoked by external stimuli, including hot meals and drinks, it is an alarming sign suggestive of an irreversible (non-healing) pulp condition. ..

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