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Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis (GAP)

A. characteristics of generalized aggressive periodontitis (box 16-2)

1. The beginning of generalized aggressive periodontitis occurs in people younger than 30 years, but patients may be over. A us survey of teenagers aged from 14 to 17 reported that by 0.13% had a break [2].

2. Generalized remove deposits affecting loss of investment, at least three other permanent teeth than the first teeth and teeth. Removing attachments and alveolar bone is very episodic, occurring in the sequence of the acute phase and not in a gradual progression.

3. Small quantities of bacterial plaque biofilm, which seem to be incompatible with the volume of periodontal lesions.

4. The appearance of the gingival tissue varies in the slot.

a. Gum tissue can be acutely inflamed, ulcerated, and fiery-red. This fabric is the answer I believe that occurs during the destructive phase of disease progression.

B. In gingival tissue may appear pink and free inflammation. Deep pockets can be found, however, with periodontal probing.

This fabric is the answer may coincide with the periods of illness of inactivity [3].

B. Alternative Terminology. Generalized aggressive periodontitis (GAP) was formerly known as generalized juvenile periodontitis (GJP) or early onset of generalized periodontitis (G-Tr). Generalized aggressive periodontitis primary teeth

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