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How to prevent the development of periodotnitis?

How to stop early periodontitis?
First of all eliminate the factors mentioned in the article about periodotnitis. If you have at least one of the abovementioned symptoms turn to your doctor. To cure periodotnitis one should use complex approach and the most effective methods. Nowadays ultrasonic tooth brushing and using paradentium bandage are not considered very effective.

Researches in the stomatological sphere have developed new technologies and means of cure that are more effective. This method implies removing teeth that cannot be cured. The rest of the teeth are cured with the help of milder methods. One can use deep cleaning of dental calculus alongside with destruction of pathological tissues. The inflammation nidus is eliminated and the general condition of the gum is improved. Cleaning is absolutely painless because anesthetics is used. A special medicine with bioactive effect is used during the procedure.

It hastens the process of growth of bone tissues and has a lasting anti-inflammatory effect. New bone tissues identical to the bone tissues of the organism are formed. This way teeth's loosening is prevented so you don't have to remove them. To keep the teeth at rest the dentist will put a splint on unsteady teeth (a temporary measure). The splint is not seen by other people. It fastens healthy and bad teeth. During one day you will have fewer problems with eating and feel no pain. Do not be afraid to loosen your teeth. The splint will prevent it.

When your teeth are strengthened by the bone tissue you can start prosthetics. If you have oral mucosa pay attention to some important factors before you use a prosthesis. First of all consider the condition of the oral mucosa and teeth. We have written only about some methods of therapy of periodontitis. Everything depends on the form of the disease. Anyway you should turn to an experienced dentist. It is up to you to choose the clinic where you are going to have your teeth cured. You can receive high-quality cure of periodontitis only in a good clinic possessing up-to-date technology and a staff of qualified doctors.

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