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Moving Beyond Painful Dentistry

Moving Beyond Painful Dentistry
The truth remains that a significant majority of dental treatments are unnecessary when diet is changed and teeth remineralize as they are biologically designed to do. The big question that remains unanswered is why haven't we been told the truth about our teeth from modern dentistry? Weston Price's research with indigenous diets was published many decades ago in the Journal of the American Dental Association, so his treatment successes and research findings were widely available.

In this chapter we have looked at the high price we have paid for modern dentistry. Modern dentistry is an unequivocal failure. Treatments from conventional dentists are highly toxic and usually disease-promoting such as fluoride, mercury fillings, leaky root canals and metal tooth fillings. Holistic and biological dentists offer more natural, less toxic alternatives to modern dentistry.

This is a huge improvement, but few of them offer the real cure, which is found through diet and the balancing of body chemistry. I am not trying to destroy the dental profession. The dental profession is destructive, and is destroying itself. What I ask of the dental profession is for it to change and evolve. The future of dentistry lies in disease prevention through proper nutrition and body chemistry balancing, along with minimally invasive methods to correct dental arch problems and bite problems. Imagine being able to find a cavity before it happens, and then remineralize it with nutritional intervention? We have the ability and the technology to do this today; we simply lack the desire, care, willingness, and legal framework to provide this level of treatment to the public. This would be real dentistry: finding and preventing cavities completely organically before tooth enamel was lost, and before tooth infections occurred. Dentists could still earn very decent livings by analyzing blood chemistry, examining teeth, offering nutritional consulting, and repairing bite imbalances non-surgically. As long as a dentist's income is tied to performing invasive treatments, where more severe treatments mean greater profit, the current state of modern dentistry will remain a rotten profession.
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