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Accumulation of food debris in parodontal canal

Inflammation is the most frequent symptom of stomatological diseases. However, it cannot appear of itself. In most cases everything depends on microflora of the mouth cavity. Numerous bacteria are constant dwellers of the mouth cavity. Most of them are safe. However, on some conditions they may start damaging our organism. Accumulation of bacteria on teeth leads to formation of dental calculus. Unless removed in time, dental calculus can grow into caries. Dental calculus can appear not on teeth only. It can also appear on or under the gum. Then it can provoke such diseases as periodontitis and gingivitis.

Neglected and not treated inflammation can lead to formation of parodontal recess between gum and teeth. The recess itself is not as dangerous as bacteria that live there. Such recess is a perfect place for development of various pathogenic bacteria that can provoke different diseases depending on the type of bacteria. Parodontal recesses contain food debris, enough nutrients and moisture, lack of light. Dental deposit is not the most dangerous thing connected with food debris.

When people suffer periodontitis, dental deposit on their teeth becomes dental calculus. If dental plaque is located on or under the gum, dental deposit is being accumulated there. It can cause various complications of inflammation process. Sometimes subgingival calculus is located between the tooth and the gum. Such position of subgingival calculus causes extension of parodontal recess and complicates the clinical course.
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