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How to take care of a dental prosthesis?

Many people are afraid of dentists. They are unlikely to see the doctor unless the disease forces them. As a result the condition of teeth is so bad that it is possible to restore these teeth only with the help of prostheses. But do not panic. Just get ready for a new life of your teeth.

So you have your prosthesis. The dentist has fixed it and made all necessary adjustments. But what to do next? How to take care of your dental prosthesis? How to clean it properly? What to eat? Prosthesis is not a very durable thing. One should be careful to be able to use it longer. It is important to eat soft pap after your prosthesis has been installed. Later you will be able to eat more solid food. You should not eat nuts or dried crusts as they are too solid. Try to avoid viscous food like toffees.

Your prosthesis needs proper treatment. Clean it every day. If it is possible clean it every time you have eaten something. The main thing is to prevent diseases of the oral mucosa.

You cannot sterilize your prosthesis in very hot water because then it can be deformed! Do not use abrasive pastes to clean your prosthesis. They will scratch it. Unfortunately it is not enough to use a toothbrush and a toothpaste to keep your prosthesis clean. You will have to use special solution. Some dentists recommend using Protefix tablets to clean your prosthesis. These tablets do not only clean your prosthesis but also remove smells. When dissolved in water, Protefix tablets emit active oxygen. 15 minutes will be enough to clean the prosthesis properly. The solution will "kill" bacteria, disinfect your prosthesis and remove food debris. Tablets do not influence the condition of your prosthesis and will not break it. Dentists recommend using Protefix tablets twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

Hygiene is important but you will face a more difficult problem while using your dental prosthesis. It is difficult to get used to a foreign body in your mouth. The first few weeks are probably the most difficult for patients who have never used dental prostheses. Many patients learn to speak starting from scratch. Some may face vomiting reflex, problems with chewing, and lowered gustatory sensation. Many patients think that people around them will easily see their secret the prosthesis. Fear and discomfort may trouble such patients. Some are afraid that the prosthesis may simply fall out while eating or speaking.

Do not torture yourself, do not be afraid. Modern technologies can easily help you to cope with all these problems. It is possible to use special powders, creams and sanitary towels made by Protefix. Every patient is individual. As well as the problems patients may face while wearing their dental prostheses. It is important to know that the dentist will help you anytime you need his advice.

Protefix laboratory has invented a special powder for people with lack of salivation. It secures extra-strong fixation of the prosthesis. The powder helps to fix the prosthesis, eliminate inflammatory processes and blisters. The powder is easy to use. Just apply it to your wet prosthesis and fix it on your gums. Then you will feel more confident. Protefix fixation powder is the best way to solve minor problems connected with wearing of prosthesis.

There is another way to fix your prosthesis properly. You can use extra-strong Protefix fixation cream. This cream was made for people with excessive salivation. Apply the cream to the surface of your prosthesis, press it to the gums and do not eat for 5 minutes. You can also use this cream while traveling. Just apply a bit of it to the wet prosthesis. Extra-strong Protefix fixation cream will not change your occlusion and will keep your prosthesis where it should be for a long time.

There are cases when wearing prosthesis may cause blister or the patient`s structure of the jaw is unfavorable. In this case it is better to use Protefix sanitary towels for fixation. The towels are made of a soft material and do not cause discomfort. Such fibrous towels do nor effect the patient`s occlusion, do not injure gums and make your prosthesis fit perfectly. Protefix sanitary towels for fixation are easy to use. Just place one in water for some 5 seconds, let the water trickle down, and apply it to your prosthesis.

All creams, sanitary towels, tablets and powders made by Protefix research lab for you to be able to get used to your prosthesis quickly and easily. All these things will really make you more confident. Enjoy your new shiny smile!

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