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How to graft teeth?

How to make craft teeth?
One of the childs encyclopedias says that the material our teeth are made of is very durable and can stand immense loads. This material is really very durable because our teeth have to chew and grind all kinds of food and it is their everyday duty. Mind that this food is not always watery and soft. However, even the most durable thing can break, even the most solid material will wear out. In fact, it is very easy to break a tooth. Just imagine that there are people who like to peel nuts from nutshells with the help of their teeth.

You can hardly imagine a more unpleasant situation than losing a part of your tooth. Some years ago there was only one way out kerfing, crowns, and prosthetics. Nowadays there are some more effective methods to restore the lost part of the tooth and graft teeth. Now there is no need to remove the rest of the tooth or to hide it under the crown.

The tooth can be easily restored with the help of composite materials. Your tooth will look exactly the way it looked before its destruction. Moreover, there is grafting of teeth. It is necessary to place a special rod or a post inside the tooth. Later it will be surrounded by a filling made of composite materials. This filling will restore the outlook of your tooth. Grafting can be also used to correct some defects of teeth. So, as you see, there are many ways to restore the lost part of your tooth. Some methods (grafting) can be also used to make your teeth more attractive by means of correcting some visible defects of teeth. Filling composite materials used to restore damaged teeth are very solid probably as solid as real teeth. They are barely seen in the mouth cavity as they imitate the color of your own teeth. Your dentist can choose the color of the filling composite material to match the color of your teeth. Such materials look rather attractive and aesthetic. There is another plus of grafted teeth they are very durable.
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