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Keratoacanthoma: symptoms and treatment

Keratoacanthoma images
Keratoacanthoma (self-healing epithelioma, molluscum pseudocarcinomatosum) is a benign epidermal tumor. Keratoacanthoma on lips is single or multiple globe-shaped nodes with a crater-like hollow in the middle. The hollow is filled with keratinized epithelium.

Keratoacanthoma on lips looks like a dense hemispherical node. This node grows very quick and can be over 5cm in diameter. Keratoacanthoma usually appears on the lower lip. Keratoacanthoma is considered to be a disease of elderly people (those who are over fifty). It is possible that the tumor will spontaneously resolve in two or three months. However, it may also leave an unpleasant scar.

The disease can be caused by a virus infection, trauma, lasting insolation, and influence of gums or tar. So, as you see, there are many factors that can cause this unpleasant disease. Keratoacanthoma looks exactly like squamous cell carcinoma of skin.

Visually these diseases cannot be differentiated. Anyway, it is better to turn to a specialist for help. Most doctors consider keratoacanthoma to be a benign tumor while some think that it is a pre-cancerous condition.

Though we have mentioned that keratoacanthoma can spontaneously resolve you should not wait for a miracle. It is better to remove it surgically or with the help of liquid nitrogen, electrocoagulation, or cryodestruction.

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