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1. Recurrences of the disease-new signs and symptoms destructive periodontal disease, which occur after periodontal treatment, because the disease was not adequate treatment and/or the patient was not the practice of proper care.

2. Refractory disease non-destructive periodontal disease patient who, when monitoring over time of exhibits, additional losses attachments in one or more sites, despite repeated professional periodontal therapy and the patient who practice satisfactory self-help and should be recommended program of periodontal maintenance visits (box 15-2).

A. 1989 classification system, fire periodontitis" was a separate category of diseases. It is now believed that the refractory periodontitis is not a single disease entity, but that a small percentage of all forms of periodontitis may not respond to treatment.

B. in the new 1999 classification system, the designation of "refractory" can be applied to all types of periodontal disease who do not respond to treatment. Cases of chronic periodontitis that do not respond to periodontal treatment is defined as refractory chronic periodontitis.

Chronic periodontitis classification ..

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