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What folk remedies can be used to reduce toothache?

What folk remedies can be used to reduce toothache?
There were times when there were no dental clinics with numerous effective methods of treatment of dental diseases, with instruments and materials used to treat and restore teeth. There were times when people could rely only on natural resources to treat dental diseases. Still, there were some methods to reduce toothache. You must know that toothache can be really hard to stand. That is why people tried to find some methods to reduce this pain. Even though nowadays there are many effective pain relievers folk remedies can be also helpful in case you have no pills with you or cannot see your dentist immediately.

People have invented numerous methods to relieve toothache. Most methods make use of garlic, onion, and salt. These ingredients can relieve pain for a long period of time and possess an antiseptic effect. Chop onion or garlic and mix it up with salt half-in-half.

Apply the mixture to the sore tooth and cover with a cotton pad. The same can be done using only salt, garlic or onion juice.

However, these are not the only ways to reduce toothache. There are other folk remedies and they are as effective. Try to rinse your mouth with sage leaves decoction or oak rind decoction. It is recommended to clean your teeth before using the mouthwash. This must be done to remove unwanted food debris.

The following folk remedies can turn out to be very helpful against toothache. Use a bit of propolis or a cotton pad wetted with propolis alcoholature. Apply it to the sore tooth to reduce pain. One can also use birch leaves and buds decoction and apply a cotton pad wetted in the decoction to the sore tooth.

Light salted pig fat is also used to fight toothache. Place a thin slice of pig fat between the cheek and the gum of the sore tooth. Pain will be relieved in about 15-20 minutes. There is a special method to relieve toothache in Western Siberia. Cut a head of garlic in two and rub your wrist with one half. Then crumble both halves, apply them to the wrist and bandage it. Folk remedies are very effective and can really help to relieve toothache. Moreover, they are less likely to cause any health problems (allergies). Folk remedies are also good for the immune system. Still, folk remedies can hardly treat your sore teeth. They can only relieve pain for some period of time. That is why do not treat folk remedies as. Anyway, it is better to see a dentist and undergo proper treatment.

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