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Healthy Gums Lead to Healthy Teeth

Healthy Gums Lead to Healthy Teeth
Having healthy gums significantly ease your chances of having healthy teeth. Healthy gums will also improve the General condition of Your health and resistance to disease. Gum disease has been directly linked as a significant risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Most people are not even aware that they have a beginning gum disease. Symptoms of gum disease include retreating, swollen and bleeding gums, tooth mobility, advanced GUM pocket Size, dying tissue of the gums and tooth loss. Periodontal disease, pyorrhea, gingivitis and many other names of different types and stages of gum disease. , about 75% of the US population suffers from diseases of the gums. As tooth decay, gum disease worsens with age. It's not because gum disease is a part of the aging process, but it is a symptom of physical decay and degeneration that results of our modern lifestyle.

Dentist W.D. Miller, Creator of the most common theories of etiology of caries, believed that one of the most important keys to immune to decay was to protect the neck of the tooth healthy gums. Even if You do not have any noticeable gum disease, consultations in this section you will learn how to make your gums healthy. And gums healthy mean healthy teeth and healthy body.

I'm going to share with you the best of the best decisions quickly bring healing in the gum tissue. There is no guarantee that these methods will work for you. And not all of these tips may be suitable or to fine someone with severe gum disease and the simultaneous loss of teeth...

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