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Bad breath - an unsolvable problem?

Bad breath
Bad breath can be caused by a disease called halitosis. It cannot be inherited or caused be genetical factors. The main reasons of bad breath are:

Means of caries prevention - what are they?

Means of caries prevention
To fight caries one has to know the reasons that cause this disease and the factors promoting its development. Much is being done nowadays to fight this disease and prevent caries. Numerous researches have proved that streptococcus is the main reason causing caries.

What is professional hygiene of the mouth cavity and the way it is conducted?

What is professional hygiene of the mouth cavity and the way it is conducted
Professional hygiene of mouth cavity that consists in removal of soft dental calculus and plaque is an inevitable stage of dentist remedial measures. But this procedure can be conducted only by a dentist or by a hygienist.

Liquid for mouth rinsing: what is that?

Liquid for mouth rinsing
Liquid for mouth rinsing is a good way to keep the mouth cavity clean. But do not trust the TV ads too much. A toothbrush cannot be replaced by liquid for mouth rinsing.

How to clean teeth properly?

How to clean teeth properly
Many of us ask the same question - how to clean teeth properly? Do I clean my teeth properly? Let's try to understand how to do it. First of all hold the toothbrush under the angle of 45 degrees towards the gums.
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