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Traumatic prothetic stomatitis – decubitus of mucous membrane of gum

The main cause of decubitus is lasting pressure on any part of human body. Excessive pressure leads to complicated circulation of blood through minute vessels and skin issues. Lasting pressure finally affects blood circulation in hypodermic tissues and can even cause necrosis of these tissues.

Chemical burn of mucous membrane of gum

Chemical burn of mucous membrane of gum is usually observed in the following cases:
  • Contact with alkali and acids of different concentration;
  • Contact with some substances used in dentistry: phenol, arsenic paste, silver nitrate, formalin, and other similar substances.

Thermal burn of mucous membrane of gum

Serious injuries can be caused by thermal burns of musous membrane of gum with heat, water, fire, current, or heavy doses of ionizing radiation. Thermal burns caused by water or steam will first of all cause severe sharp pain that will, however, soon subside. The next thing you will fill is that the mucous membrane has become rough.

Local gingivitis

Gingivitis is an inflammation process that affects mucous membrane of the gum. It is worth mentioning that gingivitis does not lead to destruction of dentogingival junction.

Accumulation of food debris in parodontal canal

Inflammation is the most frequent symptom of stomatological diseases. However, it cannot appear of itself. In most cases everything depends on microflora of the mouth cavity. Numerous bacteria are constant dwellers of the mouth cavity. Most of them are safe. However, on some conditions they may start damaging our organism. Accumulation of bacteria on teeth leads to formation of dental calculus.

Lack of full contact between filled and adjacent teeth

It would be fair to say that unfortunately not all dentists observe the filling technique. This, in turn, often leads to more serious consequences than just a bad filling. Fractures of teeth are often the result of nonobservance of filling technique. Sometimes one can even lose tooth because of that.

Tremas of teeth

What is trema? There is an average size of human teeth but sometimes people have too small teeth to fit their jaw. Then gaps between teeth may appear. The smaller one`s teeth are, the bigger the gaps are that`s the rule. Such gaps between teeth are called tremas.


Macrodontia is a disease of hypertrophied sizes of teeth (as compared with average size of human teeth). In some cases macrodontia affects the size of cutting teeth (usually the upper ones). The anomaly usually affects upper central cutting teeth. Macrodontia is an evident disease. One will hardly be able to hide it from other people. The degree if extension of teeth is defined in a dental clinic. Your dentist will also find out the cause of the disease and prescribe the treatment to fit your case.


Parodontosis is a title of a group of dystrophic diseases of gums. Inflammation in gum tissues is mostly caused by pathogenic bacteria that live in dental deposit. There are many other factors that can promote the development of dystrophic changes of parodentium tissues. Those are some anomalies of dentoalveolar system (anomalies of positions of teeth or various pathologies of occlusion).

Erysipelatous inflammation

Erysipelatous inflammation is a highly infectious disease with frequent relapses. Signs of erysipelatous inflammation
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